Two Blazers, Two Looks, Two Parts ... Pt 2

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Two Blazers, Two Looks, Two Parts ... Pt 2

And now, the moment you've been waiting for: here's part two.


Same Blazer, but in hot raspberry pink for those days when you need to be noticed. Noticed for your style, your grace, your chic-put-togetherness. 

I styled this look with the same daisy crop top in white ( with matchstick jeans from J.Crew. The heels are Nine West. I saw these in Instyle Magazine in  (Dec 2012 )Winter of 2012 and had to make them mine. They are surprisingly comfy and I always get compliments on the print of these shoes. The bracelet on my left arm is also from J.Crew (I know, I am obsessed and I admit it!)  On my right hand I'm wearing the rose cold Cartier Love ring, and on my left hand I have a ring from a local Miami designer, Nina Cortes.

 We love to make a statement via style!

This is a great look to meet friends for brunch this weekend. If you're interested in making this look work for the workday, all you would do is trade in the matchstick jeans for a high waisted grey or white pencil skirt. et, viola!

What do you think of this look?

Special shout-out to Luis Perez of and Threaded Boutique ( I wouldn't look this good without you :)

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